1.1 Mass Product Changer


Mass product changer allows to provide data changes of selected multiple products in a bulk. Just choose necessary items in Store Manager and press the appropriate button from the top menu.

Mass product changer option

In the form that will appear you can choose fields you want to change or update. Let’s assume, you want to change description for all these products, so in the description field enter necessary text about products 

(you can use for editing the HTML editor) and do not forget to check this field to update.

Description field

If you want to apply special formula to modify the data in some fields, you must click on the button which launches the Expression Editor.

Use expression field

Specify expression you need (to facilitate the procedure, you can use the guide integrated in Store Manager help center - press 'Help' button).

SQL 'Help' button

To configure increase of product price by 15 % you should enter the following formula:

Insert Database Field Value
Use the 'Insert...' option to use desired field value from your database.
Press ‘Next’ button if formula is correct. 

'Next' button in the Editor form

Then click the button on the top of the 'Expression Editor' form to check its correctness: 

Execute Expression field
The result of formula displays in the field ‘Last Execution Result’ at the bottom of the window.
Last execution results

Press 'OK' to proceed and don't forget to check the appropriate field to update.

Press 'OK' to exit

Before exiting from this option and move to the Product Page of Store Manager you can view bulk changes of product properties that you have already done by pressing the 'Preview Result' button.

Preview results option

If you click 'OK' button all massive changes will be reflected on the Product Page.

Mass product changer saves your time making the bulk changes for many products at once with the help of couple clicks with your mouse.

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