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3. Addons


Addons section located in Settings tab of Store Manager in Preferences sector. 

It is the list of available Store Manager's plug-ins. Opposite each addon's name are the corresponding characters:

/ - it is the addon status. If you had not entered the license key and did not register the addon, it works in DEMO mode. So you can work with some limitations and actual changes that have been

made in it you can not post to your database. In order to register the plugin you should click on its status name and the form which will appear enter the license key.

- allows you to go to the page where you can find a short description of the current addon properties;

option provides direct link to move to the page with the list of all available addons for Store Manager and their prices;
- it is a direct download link of the addon to your computer;
- helps to go to the addon's home page.

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